About Counterfeit Detectors

Counterfeit detectors are a type of device that is able to detect if money of any amount, is authentic or if the money is fake. The inspection procedure of money involves placing the money into certain machines that use an assortment of tests, and the outcome would show the decision if the money is fake or not.

Many owners and employees of local stores do not know the proper way in how to tell if money is fake or not. Most local stores do not have any type of counterfeit detectors, to determine if the money if fake. Because these stores do not have these types of detectors, the people who commit currency fraud take the upper hand with these stores. The best thing a business owner can do to prevent the transaction of counterfeit money is to make a small investment on a counterfeit detector machine.

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Improving any type of currency fraud situation, there have been multiple types of counterfeit detectors that are available. These detectors range from being the most reliable detector up to detectors that can spot counterfeit money almost every time. The types of counterfeit detectors that are the most current and up to date include: counterfeit pens, physical document inspections, counterfeit detection scanners, watermark lamps, UV lights, magnetic ink scanners, and multi test scanners.

Counterfeit Pens have been easily built to support basic tests to determine if money is fake or not. People who are frauds and use fake money, have been able to overcome the counterfeit pens. These pens have an iodine solution that is used as ink, and placing a mark on the money will turn the ink spot black proving the money is authentic. Because of the people who use fake money, are able to get around the “black” mark by simply by using a type of starched paper to make the money. Another reason why these counterfeit pens are no very reliable is due to the newer “actual” money being used, the pens will miss anydownload (2) type of money that is counterfeit.

Physical Document Inspection involves having the security characteristics of the money checked. Money in the United States in fact has advanced security characteristics. With this type of detecting counterfeit money, every type of bill that has an amount of more than two dollars, are “labeled” with a type of ink. The ink is located on the front side of the bill in the lower right corner. This ink makes the money unscannable or printable. With the physical inspection, the fake bills with the serial numbers appear either brighter or darker than actual bills, and are also not lined up properly.